DIY Flower Crown Party Station

flower crown party station featured photo

Scroll through Pinterest and you will see lots of flower crowns. Lots and lots. I couldn’t be happier to see everyone embracing flower crowns and turning into bohemian forest nymphs for all of their special occasions. For my wedding I wore a subdued crown with spots of baby’s breath, and my bridesmaids made more colorful ones; they were the perfect addition to my simple, whimsical, laid-back wedding. I wore a floral headband with purple daisies in my maternity pictures. And I made matching crowns with violets for my daughter’s one-year photos. So yeah, I am highly in favor of flower crowns! When my best friend, Samantha, wanted flower crowns for her baby shower, I knew I could make it happen! Her sister and I decided that letting everyone make their own at the party would not only give them a fun favor to take home with them, but would be […]

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5 Amazing DIY Baskets You Should Start Today

5 Amazing DIY Baskets You Should Start Today | Love+Honey Blog

My husband just does not understand my love for baskets and bins. They are cute and useful, and when you live in a tiny apartment with a munchkin and all of her rogue toys, they become sanity savers. At least, that is how I see it.  My question is, why the heck are they so pricey? It never fails that every time I find a basket that I love, I glance at the price tag and slowly slide it back on the shelf. I guess when I win the lottery, I know what I will spend my millions on (Reporter: “What are going to do with your winnings?” Me: “To Anthropologie to buy all the baskets!”).  Honestly though, this is how I developed some craftiness to begin with. There is something really satisfying about creating something pretty and utilitarian. Plus, I get to personalize it and sometimes even reuse something instead […]

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I Can Do That: Super Simple Felt Bow

easy simple felt bow diy

There is just something about a classic felt bow sitting in wispy toddler hair that makes my heart go kaboom. I am a big fan of simple, timeless kid style, and a nice little bow is high on my list of things that give me cartoon heart eyes. Admittedly, my daughter, Vi, doesn’t have an ultra-girly wardrobe. I’m not a fan of pink, poofiness, or the flowery graphics that seem to be eve-ry-where on toddler girl clothes. However, I am a fan of bows. Lots and lots of bows. My favorites are the super simple ones—the ones that look like they could have been plucked from any little girls’ head in the last century. Maybe that is the appeal? A bow with a story. I also love a little modern twist: a pattern or a color that brings it right into 2016. So when I saw this groovy felt, I […]

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