Links 8.15 // Diversions

Diversions links 8.15

Real life talk: my family’s lives are about to get bananas. With Scott starting back at school, and still working full time, and my bajillion jobs, and oh yeah we have two kids too, it’s about to get busy. Right now I am just staring into the next few weeks in my planner, willing it to somehow coalesce into a nice organized schedule on its own. Someone get Erin Condren down here, because its not working. Along with going all minimalist comes being intentional with my time, so I am trying hard to be purposeful with how we all spend our fleeting minutes. Right now it’s a scary and vulnerable feeling trying to plan out the future–the routines, the timing, the commutes–but if I take it day by day, and make sure to sprinkle in some time to just be, I know it will all work out fine. Here are […]

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I’m Going Minimalist (And Totally Not Freaking Out)

Easing IntoMinimalism

If you have been following me on Pinterest you have probably noticed the flurry of minimalism inspiration I have been pinning away. Going minimal has been an interest of mine for a while, and I have been doing some mini purges over the past year (mostly because we moved our stuff twice last year and there were lots of boxes I would rather get rid of instead of moving it…again), but with jobs and kids and trying to actually leave the house sometimes it has fallen by the wayside. I am all about intentional living and making your home reflect the life you want to lead, so it’s about time I stop pinning and start making some moves! If you are kicking around the idea of decluttering, join me! We can commiserate over all the pairs of jeans we bought and never wore (ugh, I don’t even want to think about […]

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Fill Your Feed With Beautiful Blooms

Fill Your Feed withfyfwbeautifulblooms

I used to think fresh flowers were the kind of luxury that you waited for someone else to buy for you, a kind of opulent gesture. Although buying a bunch of pricey peonies isn’t always in my budget to just sit on my kitchen table or on my nightstand, I like to grab a grocery-store bouquet once in a while to bring some color and life to my home. After all, I definitely spend the most time in my home as opposed to outside of it, so I try to brighten it up and pretend the rest of the house isn’t a mess of toddler toys and baby teethers. Maybe it’s the summer air, but I have been especially swoony (totally a word…that I just made up) over the gorgeous flowers all over my Instagram feed. I just want to reach into the screen and grab a bouquet for my […]

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7.15 Links // Summer Summer Summertime

7.15 links

I remember summertime growing up as freedom. Rules were a little more relaxed, we rarely had tight schedules, and the hot weather meant swimming to our hearts’ content. Vi is just two (almost three!), but I want to make sure she gets the same slow summers I loved as a kid. I have found some favorite ideas around the web for us to stay grounded this summer. This list of quickly growing plants for kids is perfect to help her feel connected to the earth and help us out in our garden. My favorite easy hot-weather treat is making a big comeback and is as delicious as ever (and fast and pretty healthy too, so this is a win for sure). My parents got Vi an adorable water table for her backyard amusement and, I have to say, she is absolutely obsessed with it. We haven’t tried grilling a pizza in a […]

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6.17 Links // Lazy Days

IMG_2160 feature

This week has been hard, but that is for another day. Gib had surgery last Friday so this week has been filled with lots of snuggles and lazy days. I have perfected my carrot cake overnight oats, decided on curtain rods for the kids’ room, and walked past a full sink of dishes about a million times (my life is super riveting right now, I know). Here is what else I have been into this week. Happy Fathers Day weekend! Maybe it is all the rain we have been having and all the time we are spending inside, but I have been itching to redo our whole house. Not gonna happen, I know, but a girl can dream, right? This overdyed rug just needs to occupy the still bare spot in my living room under my couch. It is rich and saturated and would add just the pop of color that […]

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These Thanksgiving Pins Will Totally Save My Butt This Year

Thanksgiving Pins

There isn’t much of a chill in the air here in Orlando, and the only changing leaves are the dying palm fronds, but fall is here. Yes, I am going to be totally stereotypical and get all heart-eyed about all things fall. It might be different in Florida, but I am always thankful for the less-sweltering weather and the excuse to wear my boots for a couple of months. Since having Vi, this time of year has taken on a totally different meaning though. I used to see all kinds of “this is such a stressful time of year” and I was like, huh? To me, this time of year meant breaks from work, tons of food, and shopping for a few gifts. Now I’m a wife and mom and… um… it can get stressful. I try to keep it low key still, but planning who will be where when and […]

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It’s Been a Minute…but I’m Back!

OMB 3rd Birthday |Love + Honey

Holy moly, guys. So sorry for suddenly being all M.I.A., but things have been crazy over here! Lots of changes, lots of projects. All summer I have been putting together our Reader Guides for the Orlando Moms Blog (and wow is it a lot of work!). But on the upside I have gotten to spend time with the loveliest women you could imagine at the best events, like our third birthday bash at Paper Goat Post. Vi even came with me to this adorable little shop and fell in love with the fresh flowers, balloons, and cards. And the cotton candy cookies. We are also saying goodbye to our little nest after six years. It is bittersweet for sure, but definitely needed. We moved into the building right after college, and we can only make excuses to stay in a tiny one bedroom apartment for so long (or so Scott […]

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Four Cocktail Garnishes for Summer

Summer Cocktail Garnishes You Need This Summer

What do you mean it’s not summer? Well, here in Central Florida the days start out hot and end up muggy, so I am declaring an early jump on bikinis, big floppy hats, and fruity cocktails meant to be sipped on the beach. There is no way I am waiting for June 20th. My husband happens to have spent a majority of his working life as a bartender, so I may have a little more affection for the aesthetics of my drinks. I definitely drink with my eyes first. As much as I enjoy popping a little paper umbrella in my drink and pretending I’m in Blue Hawaii, I much prefer my cocktail garnishes to actually do something; I like to use fruit, herbs, and the occasion vegetable that plays well with other flavors. We normally like to drink something fizzy and crisp when we are by the pool or at the […]

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Go Pick Some Blueberries, Eat Them off the Branch

Love + honey Go Blueberry Picking

Do you ever stop in a moment and look around you, suddenly realizing what magic is taking place? Last Sunday my little Vi—a toddler whose only home includes an elevator ride up to our 740 square feet—got to race down rows and rows of blueberry bushes. I watched her pluck blueberries off the branches and pop them into her mouth, again and again and again. Vi was born into a world that is sleek and clean, all plastic and metal casings. Automatic sanitization and intangible music. Robotic vacuums and televisions on refrigerators. As much as our world offers in the way of access to technology, medical advancement, and scientific understanding, it lacks something. There is hollowness in a life spent in front of a screen, to hands most familiar with the cold smoothness of plastic. It feels like a belly of spun sugar. I want more: warmth, dirt, danger, and fullness. […]

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Did We Just Become Best Friends?

Love plus honey text mask 2

I want to help you create a life that is happier, better, and more like the life projected behind your eyes. Starting this blog has been written in my heart for a long time, but it just never seemed like the right time. Now that I am a mom, a working mom trying to hustle my writing into a career, I am determined to start piecing together my own puzzle. I’m a pretty simple girl: I create things for people I love. I like to share. I like words—my favorite is “crisp” followed closely by “lovely.” I want to build a colorful life filled with passionate people who aren’t afraid to use every crayon in the box. I love my wily toddler. I am sarcastic and sometimes inappropriate…but you get me, right? My happiness philosophy? Create. Love. Add a little honey.    

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