Trying to Enjoy It All (Without Completely Freaking Out)

trying to enjoy it all featured

Parenthood might be one of the trickiest gigs ever. We are totally responsible for the care of these little people (if they grow up and rob a bank, that’s on us). There is pressure from every direction for the best way to guide them along the “right” path (whatever that means). It is exhausting, messy, frustrating, and full of physical and emotional extremes (I have been both the happiest and saddest in my entire life in the span of two and a half years). And, in the middle of it all, we are supposed to cherish every moment. Every. Single. One. Damn. That is a lot of cherishing. “It is hard to cherish the moment that your toddler is having a Britney-circa-2007 breakdown in the grocery store.” Since having my daughter two (wow, almost three) years ago, I have tried to live more slowly and be more present. I try to […]

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Adding a Baby Corner

Adding a baby corner featured

Well…I had a baby! I wanted to share the little baby corner I created in our bedroom. It is just the cutest spot for Gib to sleep…babies eventually do that, right?   When we brought Vi home two years ago we lived in a one-bedroom apartment, so we didn’t have much choice other than keeping her in our room. Even though we now have two bedrooms, I still want to keep this baby close for the first few months. Our bedroom is small, but I am determined to carve out a little space for baby and everything he needs. We moved in after I knew I was pregnant, so I consciously kept this corner pretty cleared out from the beginning, only adding what I thought we would need once our little bean got here. I only wanted to keep essentials in here to make it nice and relaxing and uncluttered, and I […]

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Looking Back at the Long Baby Days One Year Later

Looking Back at the Long Baby Days | Love + Honey blog

The days around here have been…challenging recently. My sweet one year old is quickly approaching two, and she is developing all of the opinions to match. Every silly toddler parent joke makes so much more sense now. She really did melt down today because I gave her milk—the milk she asked for. I stood there, just looking at her, not sure of how to respond while she threw herself down on the ottoman in a dramatic fashion that would color any Disney princess impressed: one arm flung forward, the other crooked with her face buried into her elbow. Sometimes I think about when, exactly, did the new baby smell wear off? What were we doing the last time I inhaled that sweet scent? I would have lingered a little longer. I remember chubby baby legs and squishy little hands. I remember toothless grins and wispy hair. You know what I don’t really […]

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Go Pick Some Blueberries, Eat Them off the Branch

Love + honey Go Blueberry Picking

Do you ever stop in a moment and look around you, suddenly realizing what magic is taking place? Last Sunday my little Vi—a toddler whose only home includes an elevator ride up to our 740 square feet—got to race down rows and rows of blueberry bushes. I watched her pluck blueberries off the branches and pop them into her mouth, again and again and again. Vi was born into a world that is sleek and clean, all plastic and metal casings. Automatic sanitization and intangible music. Robotic vacuums and televisions on refrigerators. As much as our world offers in the way of access to technology, medical advancement, and scientific understanding, it lacks something. There is hollowness in a life spent in front of a screen, to hands most familiar with the cold smoothness of plastic. It feels like a belly of spun sugar. I want more: warmth, dirt, danger, and fullness. […]

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