The Easiest Ever Pineapple Coconut Sorbet


Ok, so I know I have mentioned how hot is here right now, but dang. It is meltingly, oppressively, stick your head in a bucket of ice hot. I simply cannot believe that just a couple years ago I was very (very, very) pregnant in this heat. All you pregnant-in-the-summer mamas know what I am saying. Pineapple coconut sorbet to the rescue! I have to admit that ice cream and other frozen treats are not my usual go-to sweet things—I am a cookie girl—but at this time of year something cold and yummy is a necessity just to survive (am I being too dramatic? No, I don’t think I am). I have seen other versions of this really easy recipe (it is so easy that to even call it a “recipe” is misleading), but I have super simplified it for the lazy easygoing days of summer when more than two steps standing […]

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