5 Amazing DIY Baskets You Should Start Today

5 Amazing DIY Baskets You Should Start Today | Love+Honey Blog

My husband just does not understand my love for baskets and bins. They are cute and useful, and when you live in a tiny apartment with a munchkin and all of her rogue toys, they become sanity savers. At least, that is how I see it.

 My question is, why the heck are they so pricey? It never fails that every time I find a basket that I love, I glance at the price tag and slowly slide it back on the shelf. I guess when I win the lottery, I know what I will spend my millions on (Reporter: “What are going to do with your winnings?” Me: “To Anthropologie to buy all the baskets!”).

 Honestly though, this is how I developed some craftiness to begin with. There is something really satisfying about creating something pretty and utilitarian. Plus, I get to personalize it and sometimes even reuse something instead of throwing it away. So here is a collection of links to DIY baskets and bins that I love and have already added to my long list of projects to start.

 1. No-Sew Rope Basket with Rose Gold Handles

DIY-Rope-Baskets rose gold
Happiness is Homemade

Gosh this thing is cute. I love the mixture of the organic looking rope and the shiny rose gold handles that Happiness is Homemade chose. This will be an adorable addition to my daughter’s shelves to help contain her…well, everything!

2. Dollar Store Twine + Thrifted Belt Crochet Basket

Make and Do Crew

This is genius, I tell you. When I saw this on Make & Do Crew, I had a total why didn’t I think of that moment. She uses three strands of basic twine together to whip up this basket, and uses thrift store belts for the handles. I just love it, and I am currently working on one! If you have never crocheted a basket before, I promise it is easier than it looks. 

3. Easy Folded Felt Organizer

Fab Art DIY

Oh my gosh, so much yes. I love working with felt and I think it is often too overlooked by crafters. This is a great template to make an interesting basket by just cutting, sewing around the edges, and folding.

4. End of the Day Scrap Basket

end of day quilters basket

You knew you were holding on to those fabric scraps for a reason, and here it is. Similar to the rugs you have undoubtedly seen all over Pinterest, this coiled basket can be colorful or monochromatic depending on the scraps you use. Very easy, very cute, and very resourceful. 

5. Clothesline Basket

clothesline basket
Tanis Knits

This basket also takes advantage of an under-utilized medium to create a sturdy container complete with its own built-in handles. I love how you can use a contrasting thread for a pop of color. I can see some neon thread on that creamy neutral being both classic and modern (mental note: buy clothesline and neon pink thread). 

 Go check out these awesomely crafty blogs! Which of these baskets are you going to tackle with me? I want to see your progress! Tag your projects on Instagram with #loveplushoney and you just might get a shout out. 

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