7.15 Links // Summer Summer Summertime

7.15 links

I remember summertime growing up as freedom. Rules were a little more relaxed, we rarely had tight schedules, and the hot weather meant swimming to our hearts’ content. Vi is just two (almost three!), but I want to make sure she gets the same slow summers I loved as a kid. I have found some favorite ideas around the web for us to stay grounded this summer.

  1. This list of quickly growing plants for kids is perfect to help her feel connected to the earth and help us out in our garden.
  2. My favorite easy hot-weather treat is making a big comeback and is as delicious as ever (and fast and pretty healthy too, so this is a win for sure).
  3. My parents got Vi an adorable water table for her backyard amusement and, I have to say, she is absolutely obsessed with it.
  4. We haven’t tried grilling a pizza in a long time, but it is a fun option when you want something easy you can enjoy outside. The kids can pick their own toppings and everyone is happy.

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