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Scroll through Pinterest and you will see lots of flower crowns. Lots and lots. I couldn’t be happier to see everyone embracing flower crowns and turning into bohemian forest nymphs for all of their special occasions. For my wedding I wore a subdued crown with spots of baby’s breath, and my bridesmaids made more colorful ones; they were the perfect addition to my simple, whimsical, laid-back wedding.

Wedding flower crown

I wore a floral headband with purple daisies in my maternity pictures.


And I made matching crowns with violets for my daughter’s one-year photos.


So yeah, I am highly in favor of flower crowns! When my best friend, Samantha, wanted flower crowns for her baby shower, I knew I could make it happen! Her sister and I decided that letting everyone make their own at the party would not only give them a fun favor to take home with them, but would be a perfect icebreaker and simple activity to get everyone involved.

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Well, it sounded simple at first. I used to be a teacher, so I already knew the logistics of group activities could get complicated quickly. My first step was figuring out how to make the process easy enough that guests weren’t totally engrossed in the not-so-fun details (like cutting the wire, measuring it for their heads, cutting up the flowers—not stuff I want to do at a party!). I decided that doing as much as I could before the party would be the best way to create a fun—not frustrating—activity.

I decided to make crowns that tied in the back with ribbon so that they would fit everyone (plus, they would take fewer flowers). Samantha’s sister cut up the flowers and greenery before the party, and we presented them in bowls for everyone to choose what they wanted to use.

All guests had to do was use the floral tape to attach the flowers to the floral wire, and then tie them onto their heads. I made a simple sign to make the table more inviting. I think it is safe to say the flower crown station was a success!

What you will need:

Fake flowers and greenery (or real, but they will be more delicate to handle and will wilt fairly quickly)

Floral wire (I used this flat kind so that they would sit flat on the forehead)

Floral tape

Ribbon or yarn (I used a mixture of both)


Bowls or baskets to organize the materials

DIY flower crowns party station | Love + honey

Before the Party

  1. Cut up the flowers and greenery, leaving a few inches of stem so that guests can attach them to the crowns.
  2. Create the crown base:
    1. Cut the floral wire into 16-inch sections. Bend one end in about 1/8 inch, then roll it over again creating an open circle. Repeat on the other end on each section of wire.
    2. Cut the ribbon/yarn into about 15-inch lengths. Then tie each piece to the ends of the floral wire. Each person can tie the ribbons together to fit their head.

crown yourself

Tips for Making Flower Crowns

  1. Floral tape is not very sticky at first, but it gets stickier once you press it down.
  2. Take a flower and a piece of greenery, tape them together first, and then tape the little bundle to the crown.
  3. Start on one end of the crown with the flowers’ stems facing toward the length of the wire. This helps keep gaps at a minimum.
  4. Once you get to the other side, switch the flowers’ direction weaving the stem into the other flowers. This will help disguise the end of the crown.
  5. It might be a good idea to provide an example on the table for guests to see the process.
  6. Remember, there are lots of different ways to arrange a flower crown, and once you are finished it will look beautiful, no matter what problems you see while you are making it!



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