Fill Your Feed With Beautiful Blooms

Fill Your Feed withfyfwbeautifulblooms

I used to think fresh flowers were the kind of luxury that you waited for someone else to buy for you, a kind of opulent gesture. Although buying a bunch of pricey peonies isn’t always in my budget to just sit on my kitchen table or on my nightstand, I like to grab a grocery-store bouquet once in a while to bring some color and life to my home. After all, I definitely spend the most time in my home as opposed to outside of it, so I try to brighten it up and pretend the rest of the house isn’t a mess of toddler toys and baby teethers.

Maybe it’s the summer air, but I have been especially swoony (totally a word…that I just made up) over the gorgeous flowers all over my Instagram feed. I just want to reach into the screen and grab a bouquet for my table! These are some of my favorite Instagram accounts that fill their tiny little squares with beautiful blooms.

  • Thachly Designs  is an artist who crafts lovely flowers out of delicate crepe paper and fills her page with both her beautiful creations and her inspiration. Her work is just a dream of color. I so wish I had thought to get a crepe paper bouquet for my wedding! Lucky you, if you are planning a special event and want flowers that will last long past that night, she takes commission work.

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  • While not everyone is lucky enough to live just around the corner from this Winter Park gem, everyone can stare at the gorgeous stationary and other lifestyle products that Anna Bond puts out through Rifle Paper Co.  Their feed is a mixture of their artwork and their inspiration, so there are pretty flowers aplenty here.
  • When I think flower photography I usually think of those bright and white pictures filled with light, but Ros from @herdarkmaterials makes her flowers pop in scenes of darkness. Rich and saturated, her photography will stand out in your feed. No doubt you can recognize her style at first glance. While she photographs all kinds of vignettes, she includes flowers often and when she does she does it right.


I hope this makes your feed just a little bit prettier!


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