Links 8.15 // Diversions

Diversions links 8.15

Real life talk: my family’s lives are about to get bananas. With Scott starting back at school, and still working full time, and my bajillion jobs, and oh yeah we have two kids too, it’s about to get busy. Right now I am just staring into the next few weeks in my planner, willing it to somehow coalesce into a nice organized schedule on its own. Someone get Erin Condren down here, because its not working.

Along with going all minimalist comes being intentional with my time, so I am trying hard to be purposeful with how we all spend our fleeting minutes. Right now it’s a scary and vulnerable feeling trying to plan out the future–the routines, the timing, the commutes–but if I take it day by day, and make sure to sprinkle in some time to just be, I know it will all work out fine.

Here are some links I’ve been distracting myself with this week.

//I’ve been chasing the best mascara for what feels like forever, but this list claims to have found the best.

//In addition to refining my capsule wardrobe, I also want to make capsules for my kids, and I would love to fill up their closets with these perfect basics.

//Since Moscow Mules are one of my all-time favorite summertime drinks, this set of copper mugs is seriously calling my name.

Photo: Brickyard Buffalo
Photo: Brickyard Buffalo

//Apparently I need to get to Ikea and get this rug to make into a bag.

//I’m about to translate this whole page and make all of these cute gifts.

//And now I’m convinced all my denim needs some embroidered cacti. Hopefully whimsical is in for fall (who am I kidding whimsy is always in).

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