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So let’s just say Hurricane Irma threw a wrench in my plans for about a week. We ended up being right in her path, so we gathered up our most valued possessions and headed for my parents’ house. They just live about forty minutes north, but at least we would be together and we would have some extra eyes and hands for the kids. We were without electricity for a few days, and then there was the business of getting back to the house and cleaning up the wreckage.

But now that I have internet, lights, and a little free time, I am ready to dive into this minimalism challenge! I wanted to get started sooner, but nature had different plans, so I had to settle for doing some research and planning. This might have been a blessing in disguise since now I feel like I have a pretty good handle on what exactly I want to get out of this and how I will tackle it. In my searching for the best information on the whys, hows, and don’ts of trying out a minimalist lifestyle, I found these amazing resources! If you are playing with the idea yourself, these are great places to start for some inspiration. I have lots of ideas on my Pinterest board too!

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//This post on Ok Dani just really nails it for me. I still feel awkward every time I use the word “minimalist” because I think people assume that means living like a monk. And then they see my book collection and they’re like umm…that’s not very minimal. But that is ok. In her post she talks about the idea of “cozy minimalism” and embracing the movement as a lifestyle choice instead of a goal to reach. The whole time I was reading I was also nodding my head, so happy to have found a similar perspective to my own. I can pretty confidently say that I will never pare down to one hundred possessions, but I do want to create a beautiful home that I find peace in.

//I get all kinds of motivation from Allie Casazza’s post on Why Mothers Need Minimalism. Each bullet point makes me say yessssss I want that. Going with my not-really-minimal minimalism, she focuses on streamlining her home and life with purposeful actions. Clearing the clutter from our homes will clear the clutter from our minds, making room for what we really want to be thinking about and doing. And isn’t that what this is all about?

//Simply Liv & Co is a sweet blog with a focus on slow living and minimalism. This post about the 6 Things Minimalism Isn’t is a perfect way to keep the real goal in mind. Check out the rest of her blog for ideas on creating a capsule wardrobe and filling it with slow fashion.

Are you excited yet? I am gearing up to start sharing some of my progress (and problems…) with you so so so soon. Spoiler: I am keeping my ridiculous amount of books. Because book nerd.



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