It’s Been a Minute…but I’m Back!

OMB 3rd Birthday |Love + Honey

Holy moly, guys. So sorry for suddenly being all M.I.A., but things have been crazy over here! Lots of changes, lots of projects.

All summer I have been putting together our Reader Guides for the Orlando Moms Blog (and wow is it a lot of work!). But on the upside I have gotten to spend time with the loveliest women you could imagine at the best events, like our third birthday bash at Paper Goat Post. Vi even came with me to this adorable little shop and fell in love with the fresh flowers, balloons, and cards. And the cotton candy cookies.

OMB 3rd Birthday |Love + Honey
Paper Goat Post in Orlando is the most charming little shop! Do you see that calligraphy floor? Stunning.

We are also saying goodbye to our little nest after six years. It is bittersweet for sure, but definitely needed. We moved into the building right after college, and we can only make excuses to stay in a tiny one bedroom apartment for so long (or so Scott says). So we are moving into a tiny two bedroom house! Some people would call us crazy for moving into a house that is technically smaller than our apartment, but I guess we are just used to it now 😉 It has a breezy open floorplan, a ginormous backyard, and noooo carpet (yessss), so I am calling it an upgrade.

So I am just going to move all of our old stuff completely unchanged, unpainted, and unmessed-with into this new house… yeah right. I am so excited for all the projects this move has inspired, from a copper-legged coffee table to himmeli-inspired decorations and a giant chalkboard for Vi in the backyard. So so much you guys. I am bursting with ideas! The backyard alone has spawned its own Pinterest board of inspiration. Are we friends there yet? We should be. I promise I have good taste…most of the time. Just a warning, I have been a little obsessed with copper recently so you might have to wade through lots of shiny/industrial pins.

Himmeli Project | Love + Honey
Can you guess what I am making?

Before we move into our new place, Scott and I wanted to take a mini staycation to recharge for a minute. I realized that we had never left Vi overnight before. Never. Not once. How did that happen? I’m not sure. The years just kind of got away from us. So we spent a few days doing basically nothing except eat, lay in the sun, and swim while Vi stayed with some of her favorite people in the world (my parents actually volunteered to take a wily two-year-old on her first overnight sans parents. Brave people.). A few days floating around in a lazy river and eating homemade pasta at Primo was exactly what we needed. I also got to look at my husband without interruption for the first time in a long time.  He’s super cute.

Love + Honey

Staycation | Love + Honey

Whew. Ok. I think that’s it. Make sure you keep up with the blog on Instagram (@loveplushoney) for all the nitty gritty details about these projects I am tackling.

And now I am going to Pinterest plan every inch of our new house!

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  1. I LOVE that you chose a small home. And I’m certain that you will personalize the heck out of it and make it your own! I’m so happy for you!

    1. Thank you! I’m happy with it…but then again we haven’t even moved in yet so I am crossing my fingers!

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