These Thanksgiving Pins Will Totally Save My Butt This Year

Thanksgiving Pins

My absolute favorite Thanksgiving Pins!

There isn’t much of a chill in the air here in Orlando, and the only changing leaves are the dying palm fronds, but fall is here. Yes, I am going to be totally stereotypical and get all heart-eyed about all things fall. It might be different in Florida, but I am always thankful for the less-sweltering weather and the excuse to wear my boots for a couple of months.

Since having Vi, this time of year has taken on a totally different meaning though. I used to see all kinds of “this is such a stressful time of year” and I was like, huh? To me, this time of year meant breaks from work, tons of food, and shopping for a few gifts. Now I’m a wife and mom and… um… it can get stressful. I try to keep it low key still, but planning who will be where when and what we are getting for our ever-longer Christmas list can be overwhelming. And I’ve only been at it for two years! Oh, help me.

Thankfully Pinterest is just bursting with ideas to 1. Keep me organized and 2. Keep me inspired (<–that is important because we all know a gorgeous result makes all that work feel worth it). So here are my favorite Thanksgiving ideas that I have found on Pinterest (and if you know me IRL just pretend you didn’t see these here and let me bask in the credit of these beauties, mmkay? As they say: Pinterest didn’t make this stuff, a mom with neglected kids did).

1.These Beautiful Pumpkin Centerpieces (that require zero cutting into said pumpkin)

I have forever loved the look of fall flora in a sweet little pumpkin, but I never wanted to tackle cutting into that pumpkin and dealing with yucky pumpkin-gut covered flower stems (at least that  is how I envisioned it happening). This is a brilliant technique that involves floral foam on top of the pumpkin. Brilliant, I tell you.

My Favorite Thanksgiving Pins | Love + Honey From the very chic blog Home is Where the Boat is

2.Make Ahead Thanksgiving Menu Ideas

If Thanksgiving is about being with family, why does it feel like you are always in the kitchen stirring, dicing, and basting? The genius idea of making some of the food ahead of time and then simply adding the finishing touches will make sure I am kicking back with everyone else on Turkey Day.

Make Ahead Thanksgiving Menu Ideas
Super Mommy Club

3. Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

Lots of people gathered around waiting to eat means you need something amazing for them to snack on while they chat. These cinnamon sugar pecans make the perfect sweet addition to a pre-dinner appetizer board of cheese, fruit, veggies, and crackers.

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans
Firefly Tales

4. Southern Living’s Best November Recipes 2016

I have to admit that I love Southern Living’s recipes. Low-cal they are not, but they are the people to turn to for a holiday as joyfully gluttonous as Thanksgiving. My favorite recipe on here are the brussels sprouts with cornbread croutons, combining two of my food loves into one amazing side dish.


Brussels Sprouts with Cornbread Croutons
Southern Living

5. 7 Great Holiday Hosting Shortcuts 

I am thrilled to finally live in a space big enough and accessible enough to start hosting some holidays! And yet, I am also terrified. No worries, though; the amazing Pure Wow has some hints for throwing a smashing party that will take the anxiety right out of the equation.

7 Great Holiday Hosting Shortcuts
Pure Wow

Go give these pins some love and make this Thanksgiving the best one yet. If you like these ideas check out my Pinterest board dedicated to all things Thanksgiving and check back next week when I give away the hands-down best holiday batch cocktail recipe we have ever made (and trust me, there have been a bunch!).


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