My Story


Hi there! I’m Elaine

I moved to Orlando for college from a teeny-tiny, pineapple-filled beach town a couple hours south. I met my husband while we were both toddlers, and we were married shortly after we graduated college together. Now we have a little girl, baby boy, and a house that is short on square feet but not on some serious love.

I am an ENFP to a fault—curious, adventurous, creative, and enthusiastic, but incredibly impractical and prone to major overthinking.

If I love you I will make you all the things. That’s my love language. I might sew you a little case to carry around that something you love, bake you a platter of cupcakes, or crochet you a blanket to keep you snug. I will stalk your Pinterest profile to find that perfect thing. Gift-giving is important, and it says a lot.

My mother raised me to value creativity, and oh boy did it stick. One day I got off the school bus to find that she had painted life-sized sunflowers across the kitchen wall. I loved it. She taught me how to just use my inherent creativity to make plain things lovely and connect with myself. She was the single-tasker before it was trendy, and now I find that same peace when I cook, sew, paint, and design my home. I don’t know how I will ever thank her enough.

I don’t like to save pretty things for a better day. If I had good china, we would use it every day.

More than anything I hope I instill in my children an unquenchable curiosity and wonder for the world and its people. And maybe give them just enough of my weird to make them funny.

Here I share my everyday life, attempts at living slowly, and how I try to make my life look more like what is in my heart. I am so happy you are here!